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tesabball34 @ 09:43 pm: DA BAND!!!!
sooo... how are y'all doing with your musical insturments?!? i know that i am doing fantabulous! practicing with the youth group and stuff is super awesome! melody i know also is doing wonderfully on her preety purple bass (commonly known as Sophia)! but i havent heard anything from you europeans ... how is the drumming and guitar-ing coming along??? that would be sweet if y'all were practicing! since you have all the music and stuff! :P so... i can't wait for you guys to get back!! we need to start doing bake sales!!!
Tesa Star

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Date:October 8th, 2004 01:56 pm (UTC)
Hey! today Jeremy taught me some stuff on the drums. they are over at my house now and i'm going to practise a lot! he's really good...i think i dissapointed him because i really haven't played on a drum set in a little more than 2 months...but i'm getting better,
Kaydee Star
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