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tesabball34 @ 12:02 am: My Crazy Cool Extra Wonderful Absolutely Fantastic Life
hey soo ya i haven't posted in a while but i guess its because My Crazy Cool Extra Wonderful Absolutely Fantastic Life has been quite busy. which is good and bad. although i am getting good grades and im like doing very well at volleyball and i have been having lots of fun at ROCK events (church yg starz) i feel like im kind of ... going through the motions; more or less. i have been praying that god will like lighten my load or w/e but being busy is like a given when your doing as much stuff as i am... so even if i can't fix my oh so full schedule i am fixing my priorities. i want, i need god to be at the top and thats where he is going to be. he is higher than school and i need to be more with him everyday that way my whole life will start being even more Crazy Cool Extra Wonderful Absolutely and Fantastic. Nothing really is going wrong but some things are gonna start going right! if i start focusing on the things that are like... god then i will have more peace in doing everything else.
so ya keep me in your prayers! im praying for you! :-P
Love Ya!!
Tesa *

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Date:October 19th, 2004 02:42 pm (UTC)

Good Job

I'm glad you're life is going grand...keep it up!
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