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forevermelody @ 07:16 am: Hey Rockstarz! Feedback!!!!

So last week we did "Soaking" just resting in God's presence. The week before we rejoiced in the rain. We've done beach days, we've had pure bible studies, we've done discussion groups, small prayer groups, big prayer groups, lots of crying lots of laughing.

What speaks to you most? What do you want more than anything? What do you want more of?

Here's what i'm thinking:

1st Monday of the month- Soaking: deep spiritual cleansing to prepare us for what he's going to fill us with next week. Music, art, quiet, personal prayer time.

2nd Monday - Physical: get off our butts and do something, dance, streach, take a walk, give back rubs, pic flowers, play a game. This wouldn't take up all of the time, maybe for the first hour or so then we would talk about it, apply it to our walk with God and everyday life.

3rd Monday - Word!: challenge your mind, dive into the word, either we go through a chapter, a story, a verse, just spend a good time in the word, and prayer.

4th Monday - Application: this i leave up to you to decide what we do.

5th Monday - we party!

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Date:December 2nd, 2006 09:07 am (UTC)
5 mondays in a month?

does that ever happen?
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