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August 11th, 2004

mackhighchick23 @ 06:56 am: I have a really cool verse that sounds like it could be our main RockStarz Verse!

Phillipians 2:15

"so that you may become blameless and pure, children of God without fault in a crooked and depraved generation in which you shine like stars in the universe."

I thought this one was cool because I read it and highlighted it in my bible cuz I liked it, and then someone wrote it in my Bon Voyage card that he gave me, so I really really like it. What about you guys?

Love Always
Kaydee Star

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August 6th, 2004

tesabball34 @ 01:09 pm: GO TESA! GO TESA!
hey rockstarz! guess what! this morning i was just worshiping all by myself on the keyboard (considering im home alone) and i played like 5 songs and got super good at them! and then there came this song in F and it was hard because it had like BFlat which is a hard chord and like A Minor and something crazy like that and i said hmmmm i like this song i just cant play it as of this moment in time so in like less then a minute i transposed the whole song into the key of G! hip hip hooray! i am very pleased with god giving me lots of keyboard skills!

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July 26th, 2004

mackhighchick23 @ 02:44 pm: Hey Rockstarz!
I think that instead of having this silly community, i think we should just make up different sn's and have different friends. ya know? and they can be our rockstar sn's like i can be...
KaydeeStar23 or KStar or DrummerGirl023 or something crazy like that...that way we would post more because hardly anyone posts in this one :( and it makes me sad
Love always,

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tesabball34 @ 01:20 am: hey rockstarz!
i like how everyone in this "rockstarz group" thing on lj is is in the band! so maybe we should write like all of our band things on here! yay! ok so band thing #1... we now have our electric guitarist "drum roll please" AMANDA BIENIEK!!! yay joy all around and extra duckstamps for her :) band thing # 2: my dad can help a lot with the insturment situation... he said pretty much that he will pay for half of our musical equipment including insturments + mikes and amps etc... plus he is a super good teacher for voice and piano/guitar... and if he doesn't know all of the stuff about guitar and bass then he really wants to learn anyway and he has tons of books and stuff! band thing # 3: if we are buying new insturments i think that right now with our budget i was thinking ebay has some really good used equipment... that would be cheaper then buying it in a store but if we were to buy it on ebay it would be seriously hard to get our insturments in pink never-the-less all the same shade of pink so i was thinking if we all got black and added pink starz then... we would save money because there is a lot more black stuff then pink and we could have a special meeting to paint stars! lol ok band thing # 4: if you guys think that this whole "we have to match, we have to practice" obsessive thing is wierd then tell me because i have a habit of being a perfectionist and so ya band thing # 5: WE ROCK!! :) love you guys
~Tesa Star

June 25th, 2004

tesabball34 @ 01:13 am: hey
hey all rockstarz!! i miss all you guys sososo much! how did the youth extravaganza go?? did we sell all our cards?? im so sorry i wasn't there!! so ya reply back

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March 13th, 2004

tesabball34 @ 06:25 pm: Hey!
hey fellow rockstarz! lol ok we should do another dressup day soon! the last one was sososososo much fun! ok ill talk to you guys later!

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January 31st, 2004

mackhighchick23 @ 09:18 am: 30-hour famine
Hey everyone!
i think that we should do the 30-hour famine for rockstarz. it's febuary 27-28. if we could get enough sponsers and stuff, i think we could do it! we could chill at someone's house and talk and do god stuff ok? i think it would be fun to help save starving children, so if you think that maybe you want to do this too, comment back
p.s. see you all at the run!

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January 27th, 2004

tesabball34 @ 12:42 pm: yay
ok we do rock! good job kaydee on the "kaydee award" this week lol melody you have to remember the belt and danielles purse which was left in your car ok? newayz i was reading last night on authentic faith so r u suppossed to get attached to things on earth here? i.e. friends, pets, items??? or are you just supposed to focus on just god im confused i don't want to tottally ditch my friends but i guess god should always come first... hmm ok im real confused but ok newayz ill c ya all tonite @ youth group!

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forevermelody @ 10:04 am: Hey girlies!
What's new darls!
Rockstarz Rocked a lot last night. Duckstamps all around.
And this week's Kaydee Award goes to Kaydee!!!! Yay! I have to remember to bring that to youth group this week. Good Job with that amazing house cleaning... You rock girl, like a star! Hehehe...
Yeah so next week we shall be meeting at Charlie and Tianne's... I hope, still have to run that by Tianne so don't write it in stone or anything.
Clam Beach run is this coming Saturday! Yay! Clams!!!!
Good Luck with all the Formal Preperations! You girls will look smashing!
Love you all! ~Melody

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January 24th, 2004

tesabball34 @ 01:11 am: hi hi hi!
hey im writing in the rockstarz post yay!!! we sososo rock! lol i love my job.... 1/2 time student 1/2 time total fun rock star full time god grl ok im hyper/tired bare with me lol luv y'all bye

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