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December 27th, 2004

mackhighchick23 @ 12:09 pm: RockStarz Prayer Chain
I want to encourage all y'all to start posting prayer requests, or to email them to rock_strz@yahoo.com and have them go through the prayer chain. Also spread the word about it, because we have one..No one uses it though. So, tell everyone ya know,
Love Always

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December 25th, 2004

tesabball34 @ 03:31 pm: The Rockin' Rockstarz
hey i soo have a rockstarz shirt and its totally awesome! i think that on the 1st or something we should all jam! is amanda coming down south?
Tesa Star

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November 2nd, 2004

forevermelody @ 07:16 am: Hey Rockstarz! Feedback!!!!

So last week we did "Soaking" just resting in God's presence. The week before we rejoiced in the rain. We've done beach days, we've had pure bible studies, we've done discussion groups, small prayer groups, big prayer groups, lots of crying lots of laughing.

What speaks to you most? What do you want more than anything? What do you want more of?

Here's what i'm thinking:

1st Monday of the month- Soaking: deep spiritual cleansing to prepare us for what he's going to fill us with next week. Music, art, quiet, personal prayer time.

2nd Monday - Physical: get off our butts and do something, dance, streach, take a walk, give back rubs, pic flowers, play a game. This wouldn't take up all of the time, maybe for the first hour or so then we would talk about it, apply it to our walk with God and everyday life.

3rd Monday - Word!: challenge your mind, dive into the word, either we go through a chapter, a story, a verse, just spend a good time in the word, and prayer.

4th Monday - Application: this i leave up to you to decide what we do.

5th Monday - we party!

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October 28th, 2004

tesabball34 @ 11:57 pm: purple polka dotted umbrellas
i have been reading romans for my own personal "read your bible every day" reading time and last night i read romans 2... it was interesting because the night before i read romans 1 and it said "some people are mean and rude and don't worship god they worship idols and they sin and they are BAD" and i was thinking "ya i am so not that! they are bad!" and then romans 2 said "but don't think you are any better than the people previously mentioned; you are one of them! just because you have god doesn't mean you don't sin. you need to live in god to not sin. just because you know the word doesn't mean you follow it. just because you know how to get into heaven doesn't mean you will." this really 'spoke' to me just because it said "don't say 'don't steal' if you steal yourself" i have been focusing on knowing whats right and wrong and 'memorizing' it and now i know that all i have done... thats just the easy part. i need to live the bible. live the 10 commandments. me telling someone that "thou shall not steal" won't effect half as much as "i have never stolen in my entire life because god told me not to and because i followed him he has provided for me everything i have ever needed." so new thing ;) "LIVE GOD"

Tesa Star

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October 19th, 2004

tesabball34 @ 12:02 am: My Crazy Cool Extra Wonderful Absolutely Fantastic Life
hey soo ya i haven't posted in a while but i guess its because My Crazy Cool Extra Wonderful Absolutely Fantastic Life has been quite busy. which is good and bad. although i am getting good grades and im like doing very well at volleyball and i have been having lots of fun at ROCK events (church yg starz) i feel like im kind of ... going through the motions; more or less. i have been praying that god will like lighten my load or w/e but being busy is like a given when your doing as much stuff as i am... so even if i can't fix my oh so full schedule i am fixing my priorities. i want, i need god to be at the top and thats where he is going to be. he is higher than school and i need to be more with him everyday that way my whole life will start being even more Crazy Cool Extra Wonderful Absolutely and Fantastic. Nothing really is going wrong but some things are gonna start going right! if i start focusing on the things that are like... god then i will have more peace in doing everything else.
so ya keep me in your prayers! im praying for you! :-P
Love Ya!!
Tesa *

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mackhighchick23 @ 07:52 am: New Website
Well I made a new website and i'm constantly changing it and making it better! It's just the basics for now because i don't have pics, or info on what's happening up there. remember to send email to the rockstar email if you want something up on the site, you can check it out...
um remember it's my first ever website...made from scratch...and i did it all yesterday, so don't laugh!
I love you all,
Kaydee Star
~Keep Shining~

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October 6th, 2004

tesabball34 @ 09:43 pm: DA BAND!!!!
sooo... how are y'all doing with your musical insturments?!? i know that i am doing fantabulous! practicing with the youth group and stuff is super awesome! melody i know also is doing wonderfully on her preety purple bass (commonly known as Sophia)! but i havent heard anything from you europeans ... how is the drumming and guitar-ing coming along??? that would be sweet if y'all were practicing! since you have all the music and stuff! :P so... i can't wait for you guys to get back!! we need to start doing bake sales!!!
Tesa Star

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August 27th, 2004

tesabball34 @ 08:45 pm: Banding
Hey as a band we should band together!!! even though we're far apart it should be easy cuz we're a band. ok?

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August 23rd, 2004

tesabball34 @ 08:16 am: ATTN: All Rockstarz
hey! i just wanted all the rockstarz (in our country or not) to pray for our meeting tonight! i just got into the county and i can just see satan attacking well right now the women of our church! i don't know about you guys but he is not getting to us! we might seem like innocent little girls but we know how to kick butt!! so please everyone pray for rockstarz! and for the other women of the church.... actually pray for the whole church! ok im done

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August 17th, 2004

mackhighchick23 @ 02:30 pm: http://handmaidens.org/


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